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Mother of pearl rectangles are hand linked together.

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Mother of pearl rectangular flat pieces are hand linked to form this stunning necklase. A pearl ends the link.

Large Freshwater Pearls linked together with Mother Of Pearl Squares and Rectangles  on Non Tarnish Silver Wire.

Pearls are formed in shellfish – especially oysters and mussels -as a natural defense against irritants such as a piece of grit. The shellfish secretes layers of aragonite, known as nacre, around the irritant until it gradually builds up layers and layers to form the solid pearl. Light reflecting from these overlapping layers is what produces the characteristic iridescent luster, also know as the “orient of the pearl”. A cultured pearl is one where an irritant is introduced to initiate the formation, and a nucleated cultured pearl has a small bead introduced at the irritant.

Long ago, pearls were important financial assets, comparable in price to real estate, as thousands of oysters had to be searched for only one pearl. They were rare because they were created only by chance.

Today most cultured pearls are produced in Japan. In the warmer waters of the South Pacific, larger oysters produce South Sea cultured pearls and Tahitian black cultured pearls, which are larger in size. Freshwater pearls are cultured in freshwater mussels, mostly in China.

The quality of pearls is judged by the orient, and luster, the reflectivity and shine of the surface. Fine pearls do not have any flaws or spots in the nacre. Other factors which affect value are the regularity of the shape, size, and color.

Cultured pearls and natural pearls can be distinguished from imitation pearls by a very simple test. Take the pearl and rub it (gently!) against the edge of a tooth. Cultured and natural pearls will feel slightly rough, like fine sandpaper, because of the texture of natural nacre. Imitations will feel as smooth as glass because the surface is molded or painted on a smooth bead.

Pearls are about 2% water, and should not be stored in a very warm place, or they may dry out and develop hairline cracks..

Powers: Love, money, protection, luck

Chakra Classification:
Pearls balance and heals all chakras. The pearl helps in the search for higher wisdom and truth. It will absorb negative energy from anyone who wears it, then help that person to see and deal with the truth of self.

Use specifically for 3rd, or Solar Plexus Chakra (digestion, stomach, immunity) and emotional stress.