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Crystal Ball Earrings

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Crystal Ball Earrings are made with real clear Quartz Crystals. Ear wires can be made with Gold, Black, or Silver wire .

Quartz is a power stone, and has been called as well as considered world wide as the “Universal Crystal”. It is the most recognized type of crystal, and what many people envision when the thought of “crystal” comes to mind. In fact there are many different types of Quartz, in quite a variety of colors.

“Rock Crystal” Encompasses a large family of stones and crystals, all of which are made up primarily of silicon dioxide, one of the most common and most important substances in the world. Crystals of pure Quartz, generally six-sided, can be found in all shades and colors. Quartz crystals grow singularly or in groups and take on different shapes according to the temperature at the time of their formation. Quartz crystals can also contain other minerals “frozen” within, as in Rutilated Quartz. Quartz can be formed of microscopic crystals and take on entirely different appearances and qualities.

Quartz can be a bit of a confusing stone, as it encompasses a great many varieties that often are thought to be gemstones on their own, but are in fact another type of quartz. As well, within the quartz family there are other stones, which have their own little “families” as well. Here is a breakdown of the most common quartz varieties:

  • Amethyst
  • Ametrine
  • Aqua Aura
  • Aventurine
  • Chalcedony
    • Agate
      • Bloodstone
      • Carnelian
      • Onyx
    • Chrysoprase
    • Jasper
  • Chatoyant Quartz
    • Tiger’s Eye
    • Hawk’s Eye
    • Quartz Cat’s Eye (not Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye)
  • Citrine
  • Crystal Quartz
  • Inclusion Quartz
    • Rutilated Quartz
    • Tourmilinated Quartz
  • Milky Quartz
  • Phantom Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Snow Quartz

So a Carnelian is truly an Agate, but an Agate is part of the Chalcedony family, which in turn truly is based as Quartz….i.e.: a Carnelian is Quartz. How’s that for a family tree?