Cowrie Shell Multi Gem 4pc Set

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Cowrie Shell Multi Gem 4pc Set

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Order Cowrie Shell Multi Gem 4pc Set Cowrie Shell Multi Gem 4pc Set @ $215.00

Fabulous collection includes Amber,  Citrine,  Quartz Crystals,  Rhodochrosite,  Jade,  Pearls, Cowrie  Shells,  Mother Of Pearl Shell,  Multi Gemstones on Solid Copper Sculpted wire.

Earrings approx 3″ L

Necklace fits up to 19″

Detachable Pendant

Bracelet fits up to8″



  • One of the main symbols for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is the seashell. Invoke the power of Aphrodite for love spells using shells by wearing seashell jewelry or hair ornaments to attract a mate. Use a hinged seashell with the two parts still attached as a powerful love talisman to keep two lovers together. Write the initials of the lovers on the inside of the shell, one on each side, then seal it shut with glue.


  • Many cultures used shells as a form of currency. Cowrie shells were used in Africa and North America, and Native Americans used wampum—beads made from clam shells—as money. Because of this, shells are suitable for money spells. Fill a small green or gold pouch with seashells, a silver coin and mint, which is a money-drawing herb. Hang the bag where you do business, and rub it when you desire prosperity. Place a small seashell in your wallet or purse to continually keep money coming to it.


  • Protection is a shell’s primary purpose in nature, as it is made to keep small, defenseless sea creatures safe from harm. Because of this, shells have strong protective energies. Many cultures in coastal areas use shells in folk magic to protect the home by placing strings of shells over windows and doors. Necklaces of strung shells can be worn by children to keep them close to home and safe from harm. Placing a small, round shell on the collars of your pets will keep them safe should they wander from home.